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Are you in search of a relaxed way of earning money with much freedom and free-time? Affiliate Marketing is just the perfect one. There are many ways to earn online, but affiliate marketing is turning out be better than anything. Many people often dream of a hassle-free business and affiliate is one such type. Let us explore what is affiliate marketing – the most trending business model on the net.

Venue : Govt. Polytechnic Kangra

Date : 7th, July (Sunday)

Time : 11AM

Speakers : Digital Marketing Experts from Amakein Technologies

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Affiliate marketing, as the word literally suggests, is a form of marketing, where you affiliate or associate with an organization or even any service provider and you promote their products or services through your website or on your social media networks, and as and when a sale happens to you, you earn certain percentage of the sale amount as your reward.

In other words, it is a process of earning commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products. It is a commission based paying system that brings revenue to the third party that brings a sale or a lead to the company.

Though it sounds simple and also easy to learn, it is not really so much easy to master this business model. You essential need learn the necessary tips and techniques to become an expert and always need to be updated which you will be trained in AvivDigital.

To put it in a nutshell:

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What makes affiliate marketing the most liked business model in online businesses?

All dream of running a business of their own, but there few exceptional who though love doing a business, they do not like risks of managing the stocks paying the rentals, and the other typical risks and hassles involved in a traditional business.

But affiliate marketing has introduced another new model in doing business. The affiliate doesn’t call for selling actual products or services of your own, nor does it need an offline store or employees to run your business. The basic necessity that you will be requiring is an online presence.

As explained earlier it is basically promoting a product you like. All you need to know is how to go about it. Spending few hours consistently on daily basis in promotional activities will easily fetch you a decent amount of earning. You can do it on your website or even on your social media pages to reach your audience. Once a sale or an action occurs through your referral you earn the share of the profit made by the owner.

As this store is online it is open 24x7 and also open to the global audience. Even if you are not online or not working during any time of the day, if a purchase is made through your link, you earn a commission, so you make money even while you sleeping or if you are on a holiday. Just plan a strategy for boosting up your link the product, and you can happily make a stress-free income. This can be your part or even a full-time employment if you are very much serious about the business; also it is ideal home-makers and those who like working from homes. Isn’t this a wonderful business model? Join Aviv Digital and we will assist you on how to go about it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s one of the trending ideas to make extra money online.

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing advertising channel that puts merchants in charge of an online marketing sales force to earn rewards or commission through the sales driven by the Affiliate’s own efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is also known as

  • Associate Program
  • Internet Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Partner Marketing

Courses Highlights

  1. Pay-per-Performance (Revenue Share)

    merchant pays affiliate commission based on a percentage of the total order value.

  2. Pay-per-Lead / Cost-per-Acquisition

    merchant pays affiliate commission for every lead or order referred from their site.

  3. Cost per Impression

    merchant pays affiliate commission for every 1,000 impressions of their banner on affiliates’ site.

  4. Cost per Click

    merchant pays affiliate commission every time a visitor clicks on their banner on the affiliates’ site.

Key Players in Affiliate Program

Everything in one place

Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as selling in one. With Shopify’s ecommerce software, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease.

  • The Affiliate (Publisher)
  • The Merchant (Advertiser)
  • The Affiliate Network
  • Merchants

    Merchants look to earn revenue from the sale of their products or services, pay affiliates (publishers) who want to earn revenue from placement of product banners or text links on their site. Merchants only pay affiliate partners for results, such as a lead or a purchase “pay-for-performance

  • Affiliate Network

    It is a third party that acts as a liaison between affiliates and merchants. Helps to find people who are beneficial and suitable for their sites.

How Does It Work

Amakein integrates with even the most tricky subscription models.

  • Affiliate obtains Merchant creative from Affiliate Network and loads to their site

  • Consumer visits Affiliate site and clicks Merchant banner

  • Cookie is set on Consumer’s browser which identifies Merchant, Affiliate and link.

  • Consumer is directed to Merchant site.

  • Affiliate ID is captured by Merchant in referring URL.

  • Consumer makes a purchase from Merchant.

  • Cookie information sent to Affiliate Network.

  • Merchant transmits sales file to Affiliate Network which includes Affiliate ID.

  • Affiliate Network tracks sales transactions with Affiliate ID and pays Affiliate.

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