CUHP Vboc Students Completed Internship With Amakein Technologies


Amakein Technologies has partnered with Central University Himachal Pradesh at their Dharamshala Campus. We have created a student training program that helps them learn critical technologies and help usher in a great future. 

These students were welcomed in Amakein on December 17, 2019 and were enrolled into a Digital Marketing training program with practical learning and execution. We decided that the best way to help them learn Digital Marketing was to make them work a little on the current campaigns that we were running. 

All the candidates were groomed with following skills in the Company during the internship period:

  • Communication Skills
  • Tools like Google Docs, Presentations, Emails, Social Media
  • Knowledge of IT and Internet of things
  • Internet as a whole
  • Marketing Basics
  • Digital Marketing Foundation
  • Search Engines and SEM
  • Social Media and SMM
  • Digital Marketing Strategy, Planning and execution
  • Value of Team Work and Team building
  • Leadership qualities
  • Other professional skills
  • Working on real projects
  • A lot of fun and enjoyment with Team Amakein

The first programme that we included them on was a Hospitality provider’s New Year event. The trainees created Social Media pages for the client on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. They were taught how to handle these pages and how to engage customers via these platforms. They were taught how to conceptualise, create and deploy relevant posts on these platforms that would facilitate maximum engagement. Since Social Media Marketing is a major part of Digital Marketing in this day and age, we made sure that the trainees understand the concept completely.

When you are trying to use the facets of Digital Marketing and apply them in real time, it is important that you understand content creation. We encouraged our trainees to think creatively and taught them how to create a blog that is relevant. In this case, we had each of the trainees create a travel blog for a client of Amakein Technologies. They were helped in the process of taking a thought and putting it into the right words. We made sure that they understand how to create and manage a blog on WordPress. Creating the right post for the right audience is critical in Digital Marketing. We teach our trainees to think for themselves and to convert that thought to an asset. The trainees were asked to create a post about a live concert of their favourite musician, in their hometown. They were able to use the knowledge gained in previous tasks to create unique posts with an accurate copy to go along. The knowledge of Google Ads is a must have for any Digital Marketing Expert. The trainees were taught about the basics of google ads and how to choose the right keywords when creating a google ad. They were shown how to create and post an ad on google for a client and how to use that data for analysis. Another project that we were handling at the time of this training was of ORA online shopping and e-commerce. We used that platform and another in-house taxi booking solution and asked the trainees to create a complete Digital Marketing strategy for each of them. They were divided into two teams, where one was assigned to ORA and another to CAB-O. The trainees were able to use the knowledge gained at Amakein and create complete digital marketing strategies for both, successfully. They were then shown how to use Google Docs in a project like this and how it helps teamwork and task sharing. 

A successful off campus training is one where you learn skills relevant to your College course. The students of CUHP, who are enrolled in B. Voc. in Financial and Marketing Services, were taught about Digital Marketing and how it is changing the “Marketing Environment” as we become an online society. A strong understanding of Digital Marketing principles helps a young marketer get an upstart in the current industry. The trainees were not only taught the theory of Digital Marketing, but including them on current and actual projects really gave them a better understanding of how a Digital Marketing Expert should think. 

After a successful training course, as we came to the conclusion of their training, we arranged a special Team Building session for the trainees. It is important that the principles of teamwork are ingrained in everyone trying to have a future in Digital Marketing.

The Managing Director (Mr. Sandeep Dhiman) of amakein tech. Explaining the rules of the activity to the trainees.We had planned to make them do certain tasks which would make them work as a team and facilitate critical thinking.

The trainees were supposed to perform an activity where they had to stand inside a circle, choose their dream then they had to lie down on the ground by touching the border of that circle and place that dream object behind their heads. After placing that object behind their heads they again had to stand inside the circle.

Also this team building activity includes the strategy where they need to plan about picking up that dream object without touching the ground and coming out from the circle.


Trainees successfully completed their task with great effort and team work. Thus, its truly said that Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.


It has been a wonderful pleasure having you girls work as an intern here at Amakein Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Amakein Team wish you to go forward with confidence and take the bull by the horns. Just remember that success is found on the other side of fear. Although We will miss our daily interactions, conversation and early morning strategy sessions, We want you all to know that if you ever need a job in the future, We are leaving the doors open for you.  We wish you good luck for your future!

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