Vinay Patial

Front-End Web Developer (Lead)

About Vinay Patial

I’m a Front End Developer with an experience of more than 8 years. Between these years, worked with more than four companies which made me in understanding of how to provide and create good amount of values for the growth of the company. Besides this having a healthy environment in the office is what increases the productivity of the employees’ and to maintain every employee need to update their knowledge on daily basis by going through different articles related to their field and keep sharing your knowledge, new and different ideas with each other which results in finding better solutions.

What I like about Amakein Technology?

What I like about Amakein Technologies is their zeal to keep finding better solutions for the benefit of the employee which in turns will provide better output for the growth of the company. Providing better culture and environment for your employees.

My hobbies are:

Running, Follow news related to sports and my field, Tracking, Comedy Serials.

What makes Your job Exciting?

The main exciting thing about mu job is to finding new solutions every day. In my field there’s a new thing coming every day and to keep myself updated with that is what makes me feel enthusiastic with this learning. Sharing your knowledge with others and see how different solutions comes out for different problems, coming with new ideas its really remarkable.

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